Posts made in April, 2015

Creativity How To Boost Yours

Posted By on Apr 30, 2015

What is creativity, is it the ability to write a book, paint a picture or build a website, people are creative in different ways. You don’t have to be an artist to be creative. When I’m feeling stuck for ideas I take a break, go for a walk, or go to the gym. I’ve even been known to go to the pub for a beer or two. The point is that it doesn’t matter how you do it, but sometimes it’s good to take a break....

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We were driving down from the Hua Hin viewpoint, when Hayley spotted these cheeky monkey’s playing in the street. They were just hangin’ around, climbing on the walls and swinging from the electricity cables!!!! Be Good...

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The Boomerang Bar

Posted By on Apr 16, 2015

As a travelling duo, we enjoy culture, different surroundings, the hustle & bustle of markets, varied cuisine, using chopsticks, eating frog porridge, learning a few local phrases and of course mixing with local people . It’s the best way to really experience another country 🙂 BUT there does come a time in every backpackers journey (no matter how adventurous they are!) when just for a few hours you wouldn’t mind the...

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Ko Ta Kiev Island

Posted By on Apr 15, 2015

We’re in Sihanoukville (Cambodia) and loving it! Yesterday we went on a trip to Ko Ta Kiev Island. It’s a 30 minute boat ride from the mainland. The trip cost $15 each and included breakfast, lunch and a tuk tuk to the boat. The tuk tuk picked us up at 8am and took us to a bar on Otres beach where breakfast was provided, fried egg sandwiches and coffee – lovely! Hayley used the toilet and returned almost traumatised...

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