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A Good Ol’ Aussie Barbie

Posted By on Nov 6, 2017

If Nimbin isn’t already on your bucket list, it will be after you read this….   I had spent two glorious months travelling through Australia with my boyfriend Andy. We had visited Sydney, Cairns, Darwin, Alice Springs, the Gold Coast and Brisbane. Next we made our way to Byron Bay. The second we arrived in Byron Bay, I fell in love with the atmosphere. It had a real laidback, Woodstock vibe to it. As always, over an...

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This post is by my good friend Hung Thai, I’m sharing it as it’s such a worthwhile, inspiring story! Hayley, an energetic elderly wellbeing champion in charge of stimulation, happiness and emotional health at Hartford Court Care Home, helped Kathleen into the water for her swimming exercises. The cool water greeted her with open arms. The 96-year-old was giddy with excitement. Of all the seniors living at this seniors’...

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  As I sat with Eric enjoying a cup of afternoon coffee, Doris was stood at the sink washing up. Boastfully, Eric said to me “that’s my wife over there. I’ve known her since she was thirteen years old. She’s my best friend too.” The look of love in Eric’s eyes for his wife was truly remarkable. Doris gazed forward looking out of the window as she washed up, Eric gazed forward watching his wife...

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Looking At Life

Posted By on Feb 9, 2017

When checking through the late Eileen Mitchell’s effects, her daughter Marion found the following poem which I think epitomises someone who had a positive outlook on life. I feel privileged to be able to share Eileen’s wonderful words with you now. Looking At Life Don’t condemn the world because you don’t like what you see: trouble and unhappinness, greed, vice and misery. Certainly these things escape it and...

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The Trip That Changed My Life

Posted By on Oct 20, 2016

The Trip that Changed my Life is a compilation of over 70 travel stories by travellers and writers from all over the world. This book is the result of Project Alpha, a global undertaking pulling together travellers worldwide to write about the one trip that changed their life. The intent was to show the transformative power of travel and to give back to the communities that continue to transform the lives of travellers the world over....

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