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This is a new section that I’ve just added. The first book in the friends book club is:

Hygge How to Hygge: The Danish art of living a healthy, happy, contented and stress free life  by Emilie Jensen

Hygge, is how the Danes manage to stay happy during the harsh winters. It is believed to have come about, as the Danes came together in groups to support each other. That camaraderie and community spirit is still alive today, and is an essential part of the Danish lifestyle. But as you’ll discover, hygge is not just for Danish winters. It is for everyone everywhere at any time of the year. So, friends, if you would like to discover more about hygge. And how to live a healthy, happy, contented and stress-free life read this little gem of a book.

Emilie Jenson is a photographer, writer, traveller and all round good egg. She’s also hygge-tastic and invents random words at will. Join her as she tells you all about her favourite subject hygge, the Danish way of living a happy and contented life or how to eat cake and influence people. So, if you want to learn more about how to live a relaxed and hygge-tastic life grab a copy of her book. Oh, and Did I mention she also enjoys baking…… cakes.

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