The heart warming story of Eric & Doris, an original love story….

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eric and doris holding hands

Eric and Doris


As I sat with Eric enjoying a cup of afternoon coffee, Doris was stood at the sink washing up. Boastfully, Eric said to me “that’s my wife over there. I’ve known her since she was thirteen years old. She’s my best friend too.” The look of love in Eric’s eyes for his wife was truly remarkable.

Doris gazed forward looking out of the window as she washed up, Eric gazed forward watching his wife adoringly. With smiling eyes Eric told me about their teenage years together. His most precious memories are of the two of them sitting on the wall at Stamshaw shore. Eric would knock for Doris at her parents’ house, from there they walked hand in hand to the shore. They sat on the wall and enjoyed watching the water, sometimes the water reached up to their ankles. Eric finds it hard to believe these memories are over seventy years old. Between their teenage shore days and today, they have created their own family, they have had grandchildren and even great grandchildren. They have been together for almost seventy-five years, yet it feels like only yesterday to him that they graced the shore with their teenage presence.
Anyone who is lucky enough to witness the relationship between Eric and Doris can tell you it is mutual. They mirror one another with their love and respect, they are always putting the needs of the other one first. On a daily basis, the relationship between these two people warms the hearts of everyone at Hartford Court. It’s magical to see the true love shared between them. Eric brought tears of happiness to my eyes when he said “it’s strange isn’t it, all these years have passed, we’re both old now but still all I see is my beautiful Doris”.
Written with honour by Hayley Beaudelaire 🙂

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