How to write a post: for beginners

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Way back when I first started writing blog posts (about 3 weeks ago) it took me ages to write anything,  the trouble was I  started with a blank piece of paper. Have you ever tried sitting down to write something and just ended up looking at a blank space, it’s no fun.


I knew I had to do something different so I tried a few different ways of writing, my latest one is the best so far so I’ve decided to share it.

My top tips

W hen you wake up on a morning the first few good ideas you have write them down it could be 2 it could be 10 doesn’t matter write them down. Then just go about the rest of your day.

When it’s time to write something whether it’s 1 hour or 10 hours later, just look at what you wrote down and pick an idea to write about.

Break the blank spaces up before you write anything, this is how I do it.




idea 1

idea 2

(it’s up to you how many ideas you have in your main body of text)



Then set an alarm for 30 minutes and just write, don’t worry about anything you’ve just written or anything else just write.

This is the first draft so we’ll worry about grammar, later.

Don’t worry about how many words your writing I know it’s recommended for seo to have a certain amount of words, some people go for a 1000 some more, but we’re new to this so as long as it’s interesting and relevant to your topic 250 words will do.

Can you imagine staring at a screen trying to write a 1000 words as a new blogger, sod that.

Just set your alarm and write you might hit 200 words you might hit 800. When you’ve finished just check through it and correct any mistakes. It doesn’t matter how long it is,  if it’s good and you post it on Facebook or Twitter people will read it and share it, that’s what you want.

This post is about 360 words long if you like it  share it  🙂

Peace out



  1. I also started off with small posts, I find now that the more you write, the better you become at it. I think 500-700 words is quite reasonable as people don’t have time to read posts that are too long. Cheers

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    • I know I tend to skim through things if there too long

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  2. Great post, I agree with you that when you start it can be a bit daunting. Staring at a blank screen and your mind goes equally blank can be no fun.

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    • It’s no fun at all but I enjoyed writing the post on how to write a post 🙂

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