The Boomerang Bar

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As a travelling duo, we enjoy culture, different surroundings, the hustle & bustle of markets, varied cuisine, using chopsticks, eating frog porridge, learning a few local phrases and of course mixing with local people . It’s the best way to really experience another country 🙂

BUT there does come a time in every backpackers journey (no matter how adventurous they are!) when just for a few hours you wouldn’t mind the familiarity of home. Then we stumble upon THE BOOMERANG BAR!! 🙂

Located in Otres Village, just a twenty minute walk from Otres beach is this little haven. It may be Australian  owned but it feels like home away from home. We walk inside and are warmly greeted by a local lady Sophia who runs it and the owner Les.

To our delight, they have a free pool table, the BIGGEST fan in Cambodia right in front of it, comfortable chairs, a real toilet (that’s a treat in this area!), a TV showing sport, another TV with classic music for the evenings, a fantastic menu consisting of both local and western food and they even have a hangover cure!!!

After sitting in front of the fan and cooling down nicely, we met who I can only describe as Les’s right hand man, an English fella called Jim. After a few ice cold beers we had an afternoon of laughter ahead of us. It’s safe to say Les is a typical Aussie, profanities in every sentence but all in good fun 🙂 as is his good mate Woopa, another Aussie with as much charm as a pile of cow dung  but more jokes than Tommy Cooper haha!!

As much as we enjoy embracing the new, it is sometimes good to ‘have the craic’, embrace the familiar and take it easy!

Thank you Boomerang Bar – We will definitely be coming back!

If you ever find yourself in Otres, this bar is worth a visit. The food is delicious – Andy had a full English and I had Khmer style (all priced within a backpackers budget) and most importantly…. it’s a bloody good laugh!! 🙂

Best Wishes,

Hayley  🙂


  1. Fair suck of the sargeant you guys,woopa is my name even though I do have a whoopa. F…k me I got a one line reference and no photo,you Hayley can not be human if you know what I mean?(english accent). Hope safe now for some real fun fu………king w….k. Stay safe guys see ya

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    • Cheers Woopa, hopefully we’ll bang into you again sometime for a beer. Hayley said she was scared to ask you for a photo, in case you told her to f**k off hehe.

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